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thank you for using our RMA Service.

For handling repairs during the period of warranty please contact the dealer where your product was purchased.

In order to speed up the process, customers within the Federal Republic of Germany have the possibility to send the product directly to ITPEAK-Networks GmbH during the period of warranty. In this case please order an RMA-number and mail the product packed into the original package (if possible, otherwise please use a good-cushioned package) postpaid directly to us. General terms and conditions are applying for the handling of warranty- and service-repairs.

Please follow the articles listed below for the mailing of your device:

We need a copy of the invoice (invoice, delivery note etc.) in the case of a warranty-repair that illustrates the date of purchase and the serial number of the device.
The devices being sent to us have to be packed shockproof and cushioned adequately. Please note that the risk of transport damages is to the consigner. If the original package is not available any more please use a stable, good-cushioned package instead.
We apologise for any inconvenience but we cannot accept non- or insufficiently stamped sendings. The costs of the returning of a repaired device to you will be defrayed by us.

The RMA number has to be placed clearly visible on the outside of the package. Please regard that sendings without this mark will not be accepted.
The return of the repaired device without warranty will be done directly after the receipt of payment of your invoice amount, if no special terms of payment were agreed. Alternatively we can offer you the shipping by cash on delivery without further charge. (Please note that DHL uses to bill 2€ extra for this service)

For questions according to our RMA-procedure we are available by phone
+49 (0) 231 900 387 19 or E-Mail service@peak-networks.de
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